The Aussies claim the New Yorkers have "lost any credibility"...

Jet have launched an attack on THE STROKES, claiming that the New Yorkers have “lost any credibility”.

The Aussie rockers took the swipe following Julian Casablancas and co.’s recent comment to Rolling Stone saying: “Jet makes me not want to make music.”

Jet drummer Chris Cester retorted, saying: “They have lost any credibility from me.”

He added: “I think they made a pretty good record, but I can’t listen to it anymore because I don’t really dig ’em anymore [as people].”

The band also revealed details about their second album, which they hope will be a less laboured task than the recording of this year’s debut ‘Get Born’.

Guitarist Cameron Muncey said: “When you’re playing your songs onstage, you’ve got the energy of the crowd, so you can play everything with feeling. (When) you’ve played the songs for years and it’s sometimes hard to get into it.”

“There were several times where it was late and we’d been in the studio all day, and were just trying to get one more take finished, and (Dave Sardy – producer) said to us, ‘It sounds like you’ve played it 20,000 times,” singer Nic Cester told MTV News. “And I said, ‘Yeah, I have.’ And he said, ‘I know, but you can’t let everyone else know that.”

Cester has riffs for five new songs, but the band are likely to wait until they get into the studio before putting them together.

“It’s gonna be so much fun because all the songs are gonna be totally new,” Cester said. “Maybe we’ll make this one more of a spontaneous studio album — just get in there and see what happens.”

However, it seems as if making a new album is the last in a line of priorities for the band. The singer added: “I just want to have enough money to get a tank to get tadpoles and produce quality frogs. There’s a real lack of quality frogs at the moment.

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