The band give the lowdown on the follow-up to ’Get Born’...

Jet have claimed they have an “album’s worth of material” for the follow up to their debut album.

The band are now back in Australia, having just toured in the US with fellow Australian band Vines.

Speaking to Australian newspaper The Age, Chris Cester said the band feel under pressure to follow the success of ’Get Born’, but they’re well on the way to writing enough songs.

He said: “The second record? Yeah, we all feel a bit of pressure, of course, because it came out of the blue for all of us, this huge thing. But at the same time we have enormous faith in each other as musicians and songwriters, which is what kept us together for the first seven years when nothing happened for our band. That kinda made us stronger.

“We have an album’s worth of material lined up and ready to go. The only thing for me is whether we have time between albums to sit back and layer the songs, work them out, figure them out, so they’re really comfortable.

“It looks like we’re gonna have that kind of time, because we’ve been successful enough to tell the record company how long we wanna spend in the studio. A lot of bands don’t get that privilege, because for whatever reason they didn’t sell enough records. Jet‘s not gonna be in that position.”