And Har Mar and the Foo Fighters join the party...

Jet marked the one year anniversary of their first LOS ANGELES show on Thursday night, by selling out the city’s 2300 capacity WILTERN THEATRE for a second night in a row.

A year ago, the band made their LA debut packing in only a portion of the 250-person Silverlake venue,

Spaceland. Last night though, on the Aussie Invasion tour of the US with fellow countrymen Vines,

Jet, who performed first, brought in a rammed crowd that included Har Mar

Superstar and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. On stage for almost an hour, Jet ran through most of the material from their debut, ‘Get Born’ including ‘Rollover DJ’, ‘Radio Song’ and current US single ‘Cold Hard Bitch’,” with frontman Nic Cester pausing many times to ask the crowd if they were ready to “party.”

Speaking after the show, a contemplative Nic Cester told NME.COM he was almost uncomfortable with the sold-out success of the group whose album currently sits at number 33 on the Billboard chart.

He said: “There’s a significance I suppose, but if I were to compare the two things, what is more important than tonight being a bigger show, was the first time when we came to LA. What I liked most was that we had to start from scratch. We had a residency (at

Spaceland) and the first show (brought) 50 people, the second show 100, the third show was 150 and the fourth show was sold out, like Beck‘s in the front row, so to me stuff like that’s cooler than (tonight).”

He continued: “(Back then) it seemed like harder work than now though because radio is happening so it doesn’t feel like as much of an achievement ‘cos there’s so many other things around us helping. The first time purely relied on hard work.”

However, Cester said he has found some amusement in the added attention. “Yesterday I rolled up in a cab on my own,” he said. “We pulled up at the lights across the road from (the Wiltern) and there was a limo next to me with all these people into it, obviously going to the show as well, but they’re in a limo and they were just sitting there at a red light. They looked over and saw me and were like, ‘holy shit!’ and started pointing and trying to talk to me and I’m just in a cab in the backseat on my own, rolling up to my show, sold out two nights at the Wiltern and they’re in a fucking limo. So fucking funny.”

This weekend the band will play San Diego (April 10) and San Francisco (11) before wrapping up the tour in Canada next week.