'Look What You've Done' was a huge favourite on the NME Rock N' Roll Riot Tour...


will release ‘LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE’ as a single as a result of the response it received during the recent NME ROCK ‘N’ ROLL RIOT TOUR.

The Aussie rockers played ten dates across the UK as part of the jaunt, which wrapped up at Bristol’s Anson Rooms on November 7. The band were surprised at how much fans loved the track.

Bassist Mark Wilson told NME.COM: “We didn’t know it was going to be like that. You play the tune and everyone in England loves to sing along.”

He added: “Nic (Cester – singer) starts playing the intro on the acoustic guitar when we do it live, but on the record it’s played on a keyboard, so no-one really knows which song it is. Some times you couldn’t hear on stage because the crowd were singing so loud!”

The B-side to ‘Look What You’ve Done’, released on February 16, will be a new track recorded by the band immediately after the NME Rock N’ Roll Riot Tour called ‘Bruises’.