Well at least ‘Rollover DJ’ will make sense…

Jet are planning to put some heavyweight work into the follow-up to their debut album ’GET BORN’ – by piling on the pounds.

The band, who have been rigorously touring their first LP throughout the year, are now planning to head into the studio to begin work on their second.

Bassist Mark Wilson revealed: “I will start my regimen to get extremely fat, ’cause I got a couple months off. I want to be one of those guys who they have to take the front of their house off and get a crane in and put them in the back of a flatbed truck ’cause they’re too big to fit in the ambulance. That’s my goal in life.”

According to Wilson, Jet are itching to get back into the studio, saying that they have been playing the ’Get Born’ songs for years.

He told MTV: “We’ve been playing these songs for many years – even before the album was recorded, ’cause these were the songs we got our deal with. We’ve been touring for a long time, and after you’ve been doing it for a while, all you want to do is write new songs and record new songs.”

Guitarist Cameron Muncey added: “If we had new songs to play, it would be really nice.”

However, despite extensive touring, the band have not been writing tracks for the new release on the road. Wilson said: “”We don’t write much when we’re touring. Some bands can’t write on the road ’cause you write a lot of ballads like, ‘I miss my girlfriend and I want to go home’.”

As previously reported on NME.COMJet are planning to release a brand new DVD in the US on November 15 and will include full concert of the band – filmed in London – and what Muncey calls a “documentary of us driving around in a van in England.”.