But, of course, there will be a Rock 'N' Roll Riot going on later...

Jet appeared at a small intimate gig and signing session this morning (November 6) in central LONDON, in a warm-up for their biggest show on the NME ROCK ‘N’ ROLL RIOT TOUR tonight in the capital’s ASTORIA.

Despite guitarist Cameron Muncey battling with bronchitis, the band performed a short acoustic set at the independent record store Fopp, featuring songs from their debut album ‘Get Born’, including an exclusive version of ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’.

The Aussie rockers then signed copies of the album and their latest single ‘Rollover DJ’ for fans, as well as putting their autographs to a book on the relaxation exercise yoga.

Speaking about their headlining slot on the NME Rock ‘N’ Riot Tour, which winds up at Bristol’s Anson Rooms tomorrow night (November 7), singer Nic Cester told NME: “For us that’s what so cool about playing this time around in the UK. Before people came to see us because they’d read about Jet, but now the people coming to gigs are the ones who know the songs.”

Muncey joked: “For the first five years of our career we had four fans and that was the band. This time around we were going to do 700 people venues but they all got bumped up to 1,000 capacities.”

Cester also explained that their wider-fan base means that the band can now make their set-lists more diverse. He said: “Songs that mean a lot – like the ballads like ‘Look What You’ve Done’ – we haven’t been able to do in the past because on a Friday night everyone’s drunk they don’t want to listen to love songs. But now the album’s out people know that there’s more to us.”

Jet will play the London Astoria tonight alongside Alanta’s The Hiss and David Viner.

The acoustic set list was:

‘Look What You’ve Done’

‘Move On’

‘Come Around Again’

‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’