Jezabels’ Hayley Mary shares soaring single ‘Ordinary Me’ along with details of debut EP

'The Piss, The Perfume' is coming early 2020

The Jezabels frontwoman Hayley Mary has shared her new single ‘Ordinary Me’ along with details of her upcoming debut EP. Check out the video below.

The Australian musician, who released her first single ‘The Piss, The Perfume‘ back in October, has announced that her EP of the same name will arrive on January 17.

Fans have now been given another glimpse at the project with the ballad ‘Ordinary Me’, which was inspired by Celtic storytelling tales. The gentle track slowly builds to a soaring, country-tinged finale as Mary tackles the passing of time.


As if time could waste away/ But it goes on and on forever/ Ordinary me, but with you on my mind/ I’ll be more and more than better,” she sings in the chorus.

‘Ordinary Me’ arrives with a minimalistic, black and white video of Mary performing directly to the camera.

Mary’s Scottish heritage was a major inspiration for her forthcoming EP, with most of the collection having been penned while she was working at a local deli that’s “the best caff, according to one local taxi driver, in Edinburgh.”

Mary added: “I got very in touch with my heritage living there and feel like I grew into myself a lot.”

Mary’s ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ EP, which was produced by Scott Horscroft, will see the musician blend elements of Americana, Australiana and punk song-writing with rhythms inspired by Motown classics.


The Jezabels released their third album ‘Synthia’ back in 2016.