The eagerly-awaited follow-up to 'Who Is Jill Scott?..' is out in the winter...

JILL SCOTT has revealed her new album will be titled ‘BROWN BABY LULLABIES’.

In an interview with Interview Magazine Scott revealed that her sophomore album, the follow up to her Grammy nominated debut, ‘Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Pictures Vol 1’ will be called ‘Brown Baby Lullabies’, and will have a more relaxing, contemplative angle than her debut.

“It’s jazz. I need it to be intricate,” she revealed. She mentioned that the album, released on the Hidden Beach imprint (via Epic/Sony) will be out sometime in the winter.


In the meantime, you can catch Scott guest appearance on the new Isley Brothers‘ new album, ‘Eternal’ which features a slew of contemporary R&B acts.

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