Jim Reid of THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN is planning to record a 'solo' album...

THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN‘s Jim Reid(pictured centre) is to record a ‘solo’ album with fellow Mary Chain member BEN LURIE and SPIRITUALIZED‘s drummer DAMON REECE and bassist SEAN COOK – though Creation says The Jesus & Mary Chain have not split up.

The future of the Mary Chain has been in doubt ever since guitarist William Reid walked out of the band’s September 12 gig at the Los Angeles House Of Blues. The band have been touring the US without William ever since, and will shortly play in Japan.

Reid told MTV that he and Lurie had been talking about a side project for some time, and that he had decided to make firm plans at the behest of Creation MD Alan McGee. He told MTV that the new material would be more “country influenced”.


However a Creation spokesman said the new project does not spell the end of the The Jesus & Mary Chain. The band recently re-sigend to their old label. This year’s ‘Munki’ is the first album on a three-album contract.

Both William and Jim Reid were signed on the proviso that they would release solo albums. William Reid’s solo album, as-yet-untitled, has already been recorded.

“It will be in the same spirit as William’s stuff,” the spokesman said. He added that the recent band problems in America, and Creations’ ongoing cost-cutting, had not threatened the future of the Mary Chain’s deal. “They’ve always been a volatile band. We’ll roll with the punches.”

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