Jimi Hendrix’s family file lawsuit over Royal Albert Hall recordings

Hendrix Estate push to settle 40 year legal battle

Jimi Hendrix‘s family have launched a legal battle over several sound recordings from two concerts at London‘s Royal Albert Hall in 1969.

The Hendrix Estate has filed a lawsuit against another unnamed company laying claim to the original material, according to TMZ.

Court papers apparently claim that the late guitar legend signed an agreement with the people who recorded the music at the two shows way back in 1969.

The lawsuit added that the the agreement would have given them the right to use the music in a future movie about Hendrix which never saw the light of day.

The late guitarist’s estate has been locked in a legal battle for over 40 years over who owns the rights to the original recordings.

It is calling for ownership of the recordings and pushing for more than $2 million (£1.2 million) in legal costs and other expenses.