Jimi Hendrix’s childhood home under threat of demolition

A US judge refuses to extend an order barring its demolition…

JIMI HENDRIX’s boyhood home is under threat following a US judge’s refusal to extend an order barring its demolition.

However, plans to turn the legendary guitarist’s house into a community music centre have been deemed as worthwhile.

The house’s owners have been given until September 1 to appeal the decision.

The Hendrix Foundation has claimed that city officials have refused to work with them during the long-running dispute, whilst the Seattle authorities have said that deadlines to move or renovate the house have been missed, warranting demolition.

Henry Lewis, a long-standing friend of the Hendrix family, said: “We have people who are willing to chain themselves to that house to prevent them from tearing it down if we have to.”

According to BBC News, the foundation’s plans for the property include a facility that will offer music lessons, practice rooms and a library of musical instruments.

Officials in the suburb of Renton, where Hendrix is buried, have agreed to allow the house to be moved to a plot there, the foundation’s lawyer said in court.

A formal approval for this plan is expected on August 31, though the judge would not agree to extend the demolition ban until the end of September because it was impossible to determine how long the deal with Renton would take to be approved.

Earlier this year, Hendrix’s family said that they still hoped a road would be named after him.

Hendrix died in 1970 at the age of 27.