Bids for the Stratocaster stall at £300,000 - way shy of the reserve...

A guitar Jimi Hendrix famously torched onstage didn’t set collectors’ imaginations on fire yesterday (September 25) when it failed to reach it’s reserve price at auction in London.

The Fender Stratocaster Sunburst, thought to be the instrument scorched at the London Astoria in 1967 then again at the Miami music festival in 1968, was expected to become the most expensive guitar ever reaching £340,000. However, bids stalled at £300,000 and the auction was closed.

It is now down to the guitar’s owner Dweezil Zappa – son of Frank – to decide whether or not to sell the instrument. It is the second time in a year Zappa has attempted to sell the guitar. A final bid of £321,000 was offered at auction in Las Vegas before it too was knocked back.

Dweezil found the guitar in pieces under the stairs in his father’s studio. Frank had been given it by Hendrix after the Miami festival. He restored it and played it on his 1976 album ‘Zoot Allures’

“When I found it taken apart, in 1991, I told my dad I’d found the Hendrix guitar, and he said I should have it. Now I think it’s time it should pass on to a new owner,” said Dweezil.