The cult electronic artist will be backed by a symphony orchestra...

Cult Scandinavian electronic artist Jimi Tenor is to play a special one-off show at THE BARBICAN in LONDON on September 17.

In what promises to be one of the most extraordinary gigs of the year, Tenor will be playing alongside the Trinity College of Music Symphony Orchestra in order recreate the John Barry-esque sweeping soundscapes of ‘Out Of Nowhere’, his third album for experimental label Warp. The label promises that this show will be his “most spectacular to date”.

Considering that his last appearance at the Montreaux Festival involved Tenor entering the stage astride a white stallion and wearing a 50 foot-long silver cape, it looks certain to be something out of the ordinary. The label refuses to give out any details, apart from the fact that Tenor has some specific ideas on mind as to how the 61-strong orchestra will dress. “Let’s just say that it’s not going to be a black tie do,” was all the spokesman would reveal.


Tenor releases a single, ‘Spell’, on September 18th to coincide with the Barbican date.

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