Jimin says he initially “didn’t have any ambition” to be part of BTS

However, the idol changed his mind because of bandmate Suga

BTS member Jimin has opened up about his early days as a trainee at Big Hit Music.

The K-pop idol recently appeared on an episode of the online talk show Suchwita, hosted by his follow BTS bandmate Suga, where he discussed his debut solo album ‘FACE’ and his journey as a musician.

“When I first joined the agency as a trainee I didn’t have any ambition to be on the team, because I didn’t think it was my team” Jimin revealed. “But it was because of you [that I changed my mind].”


As Suga appeared surprised at the thought, Jimin went on to recount the specific situation. “I still remember the lights were off, and we were in our beds. I think we woke up because Namjoon was snoring, and you were on the top bunk,” the singer said with a laugh.

“As you looked down towards me, and you said, ‘You’re a good singer, so I really want you to be on our team.’ That was when my ambition sparked,” Jimin recalled.

When Suga finally remembered the moment, he explained that he had recognised Jimin’s potential as a singer, although their agency had been training him as a rapper at the time.

“I knew what your tone and your voice would sound like when you sang. No one else on the team had that tone, [so] I felt that you could become a singer with a unique voice,” he said. “I already knew, so that’s why I said that.”

Suga then shared that he asked for the agency to train Jimin as a singer instead. “I said, ‘He should be singing, why are you making him rap when he can’t even rap?’” he said, eliciting a hearty laugh from Jimin.


Elsewhere during the episode, Jimin asked the rapper why he had decided to launch his own talk show. Suga explained that the idea had come to him as he wanted to give his bandmates a platform to promote their respective solo projects.

“If I’m being honest, when I saw the members planning their solo albums I thought you’d need to go on shows to promote your albums once they were out, and I wanted to do that for you guys,” he said.

Jimin is the second BTS member to appear on the show, after leader RM appeared in its debut episode to talk about his December 2022 studio album ‘Indigo’. Other guests that have appeared include SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi and Epik High’s Tablo.

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