Jimmy Carr sparks outrage with joke about BTS “exploding” in America

Fans of the K-Pop giants aren't happy

BTS fans have reacted angrily after Jimmy Carr joked about the band during an appearance on Australian TV.

The 8 Out of Ten Cats host compared the South Korean group’s international success to the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

He said on the show 20 to One: “When I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried.


“So I guess, it could’ve been worse – but not much worse.”

Within minutes, BTS fans – who are known as the Army – attempted to secure an apology from Australia’s Channel9.

As the #Channel9Apologize hashtag began to trend, fans branded Carr “racist”.

One said: “this is fucking disgusting and racists as fuck @20toOne fucking apologise not only is it rude to the artists but y’all also offended armys this shit ain’t it don’t ever include bts in your shitty show if y’all can’t even give them respect.”

Another raged: “I did notice that one of the participants in this report was a British comedian named Jimmy Carr. As a UK army I am absolutely disgusted with the joke he made and his overall response to bts. An abysmal representation for our country and a shameful way to speak/behave.”


A third argued: “Well disappointed with your rude comment towards BTS! Why say something about a group of lads who worked hard to get where they are today? Those Koreans are making a name in the UK and Europe and deserve to be respected not insulted.”


Defending Carr, another said: “Oh my god what jimmy carr said on that bts video was fucking funny. it was a joke! people are so touchy about anything these days just relax it’s not like it hurt anyone. that’s just what jimmy carr’s humour is like! it’s satire!”

Earlier this month, BTS made history by becoming the first Asian act to sell out two nights at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.