The band get animated in the promo for next single 'Sweetness'...

Jimmy Eat World are to release ‘SWEETNESS’ as their new single and are to become cartoon characters in the video for it, NME.COM can reveal.

Last week’s cover stars also plan to tour the UK extensively before the summer – and will then return to play some of this year’s festivals. They are also guest performers at this year’s Winter Olympics on and will be playing up a mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 10, in between heats and the final of the snowboarding competition.

As regards new single ‘Sweetness’, the follow-up to current single ‘The Middle’, which is released on Feb 11, the band’s spokesperson told NME.COM that the video was still in the planning stages but that Tim Hope, the acclaimed director behind Coldplay‘s videos, would be in charge.


It’s the second track from their eponymously titled debut album but though it’s not been confirmed, is expected to come out around May time.

Of Jimmy Eat World‘s appearance at the Winter Olympics, the spokesperson said that the band were massive snowboarding fans and were thrilled to be playing at the event.

“Tom and Rick, the bass player and guitarist are both really good skateboarders, so they love all that sort of stuff,” he explained. “They got invited ‘cos I think the organisers are fans of the band and they just can’t wait to get out there.”


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