Jimmy Eat World return with new tracks ‘Love Never’ and ‘half heart’

Here's Jim

Jimmy Eat World have returned with their first batch of new music since the release of 2016’s ‘Integrity Blues’.

The Emo icons have released new singles ‘Love Never’ and ‘half heart’, which sees the ‘Bleed Americans’ channelling the frenetic guitar-driven sound that they’re traditionally known for.

Check out the new releases in full below.


Last year, Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins caught up with NME at Leeds Festival and explained the challenges of living in Trump’s America.

“People are pissed off, for sure. Some people are stoked, some people are really mad. There’s my world and what I choose to interact with and the people I associate with and my information choices, and I have to kind of check that a little bit, because it is….I wouldn’t say reinforcing my world view, but there’s a reason why I gravitate towards the things I like”, he admitted.

“I think the story is that everything is very tense and divided, but I think on a day to day level, things are more normal than they seem, than you would believe., I mean, it’s not great at all, but it’s still a relatively safe place.”