Jimmy Page ramps up feud over Robbie Williams’ home renovations

Led Zeppelin guitarist wrote to London council objecting to Williams' renovation plans

Neighbours Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams’ feud over their properties continues, with the Led Zeppelin guitarist making a new objection to Williams’ renovation plans.

The musical pair live in west London, where Page has resided since 1972. Williams bought the £17.5 million mansion next to Page, previously owned by late director Michael Winner, in 2013.

Williams has been planning to make changes to the garden and the layout of his house, as well as replacing the roof of its glass studio. As a result, Page hired architects, structural engineers and town planners to put together reports arguing why the renovation should not go ahead. According to the Daily Mail, the guitarist recently wrote to Kensington And Chelsea Council: “Similar schemes have been carried out on other properties in the area locally and each time the level of vibration during the works has caused concern about the effect on decorative finishes of [my] house.”

“The work now proposed is much nearer than other major excavations carried out so far and the consequences for the building fabric and decorative finishes… may well be catastrophic if this project is allowed to proceed.”

It was previously reported that Page had written to borough planning chiefs voicing concerns that Williams’ plans could damage his own house, and that Williams’ property will overlook his when proposed work is complete. He also cited the fact that Williams’ property is Grade II listed as a reason to block the home improvements. “Although I understand that much of the interior was altered (and therefore compromised) by the current owners’ predecessor, I believe most of the exterior of the original building remains intact and should therefore be considered sacrosanct,” Page wrote.

Jimmy Page was awarded the Rock’N’Roll Soul Award at the NME Awards 2015 with Austin, Texas last month. He was given the special award at London’s O2 Academy Brixton by Royal Blood, who he thanked in his acceptance speech on the night.