Jimmy Page teases ‘all manner of surprises’ for Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary

The iconic British rock group formed way back in 1968

Jimmy Page has teased “all manner of surprises” coming next year to mark Led Zeppelin‘s 50th anniversary.

The iconic British rock group formed in 1968, before splitting in 1980. They have reunited four times since, with the latest coming in 2007.

In an interview for the Academy Of Achievement, Page said the surviving members of the group would be celebrating the milestone in 2018. “There’ll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven’t heard, because I’m working on that,” he said.


He added: “Next year will be the 50th year, so there’s all manner of surprises coming out.” Watch the interview below.

Meanwhile, Robert Plant recently revealed he can no longer listen to some Led Zeppelin songs. While the frontman is still known to play Led Zep’s extensive back catalogue during his solo shows, he says he can’t stand the sound of his vocals on certain songs.

“Songs like [Led Zeppelin I’s] ‘Babe I’m Going To Leave You’ …” he told The Guardian. “I find my vocals on there horrific now. I really should have shut the fuck up!”

The singer, who released his new album ‘Carry Fire’ earlier this year, recently ruled out a return to his old band“You can’t ever really go back. It’s tough enough repeating yourself with something that’s a year old, never mind 49-years-old. I’ve got to keep moving,” he explained.

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