JME and Skepta release video for ‘Grime MC’ collaboration ‘Nang’

The track is also available on streaming platforms for the first time

JME and Skepta have released the music video for ‘Nang’, their latest collaboration.

The track was first made available late last year on JME’s album ‘Grime MC’. However, ‘Nang’ only premiered on streaming services yesterday (May 11), as JME chose not to release the album on online platforms.

Watch the duo rap in the clip for ‘Nang’ below:


Since the beginning of the year, JME has been periodically uploading tracks from ‘Grime MC’ to streaming platforms. ‘Nang’ joins ‘Issmad’, ’96 of My Life’, ‘You Watch Me’ and more in being uploaded. Next Monday, the track ‘Pricks’ and its accompanying video will be made available digitally, JME said on Twitter.

The rapper also said he intended to screen the various videos from ‘Grime MC’ at a drive-through cinema, “but I didn’t want to make the news for some bullshit gathering if people decided to get out the whip and lips each other during issmad”.

There is no word yet on whether JME plans to make the entire ‘Grime MC’ album available on streaming platforms.


Real-life brothers JME and Skepta have teamed up on several tracks prior to the release of ‘Nang’. They previously performed as members of Meridian Crew and Boy Better Know, two influential grime collectives established in North London.

As solo artists, the brothers appeared on Wiley’s track ‘Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya)’ in 2012, alongside Ms D.

Skepta also appeared on ‘Hospital’, a track from JME’s second album, ‘Blam!’. ‘Hospital’ also features Shorty, Frisco and Jammer.

In 2014, JME featured on Skepta’s track ‘That’s Not Me’, which appeared on the latter’s record ‘Konnichiwa’.

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