JME and Jeremy Corbyn unite to encourage people to vote

The grime MC and the Labour leader met yesterday (May 14) to discuss music, education and politics

JME and Jeremy Corbyn met for the first time yesterday (May 14) to discuss music and politics, before encouraging people to register to vote in the upcoming general election.

The Boy Better Know MC has been a vocal supporter of the Labour leader for some time, with Corbyn thanking JME for his public endorsement of the party’s campaign late last month.

The two met yesterday to discuss music, education and the arts, before taking to social media to encourage people to register to vote in the snap election, which will take place on June 8. JME said that “he explained why bare of us don’t vote,” while Corbyn reiterated how important it is that people register ahead of polling day next month.


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Last week, Wolf Alice frontwoman Ellie Rowsell endorsed Corbyn’s campaign and called on voters to “claim your future.”

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Rowsell urged fans to “leave your reservations on the Labour Party, on Corbyn, on the British political voting system behind for the next month” and said the public could turn “this unexpected, snakey snap election into a blessing.”