Watch JME brawl with his record label in new ‘Pricks’ video

The song features on last year's ‘Grime MC’ album

JME has shared a new video for his track ‘Pricks’ – you can watch it below.

The song features on the Boy Better Know co-founder’s 2019 album ‘Grime MC’, though the project was not made available on digital platforms upon its initial release.

Since the start of this year, however, JME has been periodically uploading tracks from ‘Grime MC’ to streaming services. Last week, he shared ‘Nang’ which followed on from ‘Issmad’, ’96 of My Life’, ‘You Watch Me’ and more.


Continuing the run, JME posted ‘Pricks’ and its accompanying video to YouTube yesterday (May 18), as well as making it available on Spotify and more.

At the beginning of the new visual, we see JME being handed a contract to sign in an office meeting room. Upon reading that this would give his label “possession of your soul”, he slides back the papers before a brawl breaks out.

Later, the fight spills out into the corridors and onto the surrounding streets. The clip ends with JME falling to the ground after being chased by his label.

JME recently said that he intended to screen his recent ‘Grime MC’ videos at a drive-through cinema, “but I didn’t want to make the news for some bullshit gathering if people decided to get out the whip and lips each other during issmad”.