JME says he plans to open his own ‘food joint’

The BBK MC also wants to work with food companies on developing a plant-based meal

JME has said that he plans to open his own ‘food joint’ in the near future.

The Boy Better Know MC is a proud vegan who strongly represents the lifestyle in his music, regularly shouting out the ‘VGang’ movement.

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Taking to his Twitter earlier today (January 11), the MC – who released his third studio album ‘Integrity’ in 2015 – also encouraged food companies to approach him with a pitch for a plant-based meal.

“The budget doesn’t even have to be that healthy,” he wrote. “I’m going to open my own food joint anyway. Too many peng places world wide, I need to start one that can live on after I’m dead.”

Ben Bentley/NME

While speculating that the kind of companies who could provide this type of food development wouldn’t get in touch with him as “I’m guessing you don’t follow me or listen to my work,” he did say that he would open to a collaboration.

“But if you [food companies] manage to see this, then let me tell you, if you come up with a delicious plant based meal and email back, I will do it for free.”

See JME’s tweets on his plans to enter the food industry below.


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