Joan Jett sues US store Hot Topic over underwear line

The punk icon is suing for trademark infringement

Joan Jett is suing US clothing store Hot Topic, stating that the shop’s Blackheart range of underwear infringes on her own line of clothing, also called Blackheart.

The former Runaways member’s Blackheart Records Group Inc have filed a suit against Hot Topic Inc for trademark infringement, reports the AV Club. Blackheart Records Group Inc have said that Hot Topic approached them in 2010 asking to work together to produce a range. However this never transpired and Hot Topic then started selling their own lingerie line under the Blackheart name, branding the items as “lingerie for girls who rock and roll.”

Blackheart Records are now demanding unspecified compensation for damages. They have also applied for an injunction to block any more sales of Hot Topic’s underwear under the Blackheart name.

After going solo in the late 1970s, Joan Jett set up Blackheart Records with Kenny Laguna. Her post-Runaways backing band was also called The Blackhearts and she released her classic 1981 album ‘I Love Rock’n’Roll’ with the group.