Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard releases video for solo single ‘Lose Your Love’

Goddard released his white label 12” EP 'Lasers' earlier this year

Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard has released a video for solo single ‘Lose Your Love’, directed by Fred Rowson.

This year, Goddard released the white label 12” EP ‘Lasers’. His last solo LP ‘Harvest Festival’ was released in 2009 and Hot Chip’s last record was 2015’s ‘Why Make Sense?’.

Posting the video on Twitter, Goddard accompanied the announcement with the hashtags, #colourspectrum #thinkwithoutthinking #musicistheanswer #2017. You can see the video below.


Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor released solo album ‘Piano’ earlier this year.

“The idea with this record was to choose songs of my own and others’ that were personal to me and to document live performances which were intimate and unadorned,” Taylor explained.

“I wanted to reduce everything to the barest elements, record a great piano well and do as little as possible to the recordings eq or effects-wise. The mood created on the record is pretty different from that on other records I have been involved with. It feels like a special place to be able to go to.”