The top ten new bands online fans are tipping for 2008

Music tips and weird scenes revealed in Myspace survey

Myspace have attempted to predict the acts, genres and scenes which they believe will be big this year by analysing what their users have been up to.

The social networking site has trawled through facts and figures from its network coming up with a list of what they think will be hot in 2008.

The site’s study, Myspace08, has highlighted Toystep/Joystick Jungle, Bassline, Tape Music, Acousmatic, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and Screamo as genres set to be most popular this year.


The survey also suggests that “new ravers” and “new romantics” are mixing to create a new scene of Super Super Kids, while fans of grime and indie are apparently turning into Grindies.

Dressing as twins with your friends is also another trend that’s going to be big, dubbing it “Double Dressers“.

Artist-wise Shockwaves NME Awards Tour band Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong (pictured) are tipped as one of the top ten new bands for 2008. The full list of acts predicted to make it big are:

1. Partyshank

2. Peggy Sue And The Pirates

3. Riuven


4. Naz T Da Younger

5. Tape Deck

6. Conan and Mockisans

7. Ebony Bones

8. Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong

9. Dead Disco

10. Make Me A Model

Explaining how the survey was constructed Dom Cook, Myspace‘s Head Of Music told NME.COM: “With 110m unique users worldwide, Myspace is the largest global social destination connecting artists and fans together like never before. The Myspace08 report examines the way we connect people, content and culture and identifies some interesting musical trends and genres that we’ll be watching out for in 2008.”