Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong leave record label

Band without a deal despite re-recording album

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong have parted company with their record label, Mercury, despite re-recording their debut album last year.

The band are now without a record deal, although frontman Joe Lean has said that the band are not splitting up and the album will still be released.

“It’s not so much a kind of dropping thing, [but] we’ve definitely parted ways,” he told NME.COM. “It’s mutual vibes. We sat down and had a meeting.”


The singer added that the band were now considering methods of releasing thair newly-recorded album, with Lean saying it would be released somehow within the next year.

“A year from now there’ll be at least an album and a few songs out,” he claimed. “I’m not tired, I haven’t even started.”

Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong recently released a new song, ‘One Woman’, online.