Bands as England’s performance against Croatia

Time-wasting Friday fun here…

It’s Friday once more, so time to stop working and start mucking around until the pubs open.

And to help you us away the time until booze-o-clock, and vent your anger (or pleasure, if you’re not an England fan) at Wednesday’s England football performance, we’ve been coming up with bands as Englands football performance.

Chronic Youth, Radiohead-less chickens, Hopeless Of The States, Couldn’t Hit A Cow’s Arse With A Ban-Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jongthat’s the kind of stuff we’ve been coming up with.


Sounds stupid, but have a go, you’ll be addicted.

Head over the NME Office Blog now to have a look at our efforts, and add a few yourself. Don’t forget to ping the blog URL round to your mates to get a bit of competition going.