Joe Strummer film festival to open

‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ kicks off on December 8

Joe Strummer is to be honoured with a mini cinematic season in London this week.

The late Clash frontman’s acting and composing career will be celebrated with the ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ festival of films at the Curzon Cinema in Soho, London, between December 8-11.

Following the split of The Clash, Strummer went on to work with independent film makers such as Alex Cox, Robert Frank, Aki Kaurismaki and Jim Jarmusch and was sought after by John Cusack to soundtrack the movie ‘Grosse Point Blank’.


The ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ season features all of his films as an actor, two of most mainstream films he scored and the UK premiere of the ‘Let’s Rock Again’ documentary.

Made by Strummer’s cinematic collaborator and friend, Dick Rude, ‘Let’s Rock Again’ captures Joe and his band The Mescaleros on the road.

The documented US tour was the band’s last before Strummer’s death in 2002.

The programme runs:

‘Let’s Rock Again’ (December 8)

‘Straight To Hell’, ‘Walker’ (9)


‘I Hired A Contract Killer’, ‘Docteur Chance’, ‘Mystery Chance’ (10)

‘Permanent Record’, ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’, ‘Let’s Rock Again’ (11)