The posthumous 'Streetcore' album is out this week - but that's by no means the bottom of the vault...

JOE STRUMMER could be the subject of numerous posthumous releases, it has emerged.

This week, ‘Streetcore’, an album made from the deceased Clash hero’s last recordings with The Mescaleroes, was released. But according to bandmate Martin Slattery, that is by no means the bottom of the Strummer vault.

He told Billboard: “There’s loads of reels that haven’t been listened to properly yet, all these tapes that he kind of doodled around on. We’ve listened to bits of it and found some kind of stuff that relates to what The Mescaleroes were doing, but nothing totally new. But I’m not sure whether they’ve all been completely listened to.”

However, there are no plans as yet for any of the material and much of it is believed to pre-date the formation of The Mescaleroes.

Strummer died in December last year of a heart attack.