The likes of Moby and Steve Jones pay their respects - and fans flock to our special tribute board...

Tributes from artists and fans are continuing to flood in for CLASH legend JOE STRUMMER, who died on Sunday (December 22).

As reported earlier on NME.COM, one of the most influential rock artists of all time is thought to have suffered a heart attack at home. He was 50.

Now the likes of Moby and The Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones have joined Bono and Nicky Wire in paying homage.


Audioslave’s Tom Morello said: “He was a brilliant lyricist and the electric focal point of the greatest live band of all time. He played as if the world could be changed by a three-minute song, and when I saw The Clash play, my world was changed forever. His idealism and conviction instilled in me the courage to pick up a guitar and the courage to try to make a difference. Joe Strummer was my greatest inspiration, my favourite singer of all time and my hero. I already miss him so much.”

Moby added: “It’s worth remembering that Joe and The Clash made music that was emotional and political and challenging and experimental and exciting and wonderful.”

Punk contemporary Johnny Ramone was impressed by Strummer’s integrity, stating: “They were unique because, here they are, breaking up at the peak of their popularity and having plenty of offers to come back, and not doing it…they never really cared about the money.”

“He wasn’t some phoney,” said Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. “He was a big part of the whole punk movement.”

Messages and tributes can be left on the Joe Strummer Tribute Board by clicking here.

We have already been inundated by messages from all over the world. Kevin said: “I cannot believe that you have left us.


Your work has and always will be very important to music and will play on in our hearts forever”, while filipm from Poland added: “Thank You Joe for all these songs…The Clash’s music is important for many people in my country. R.I.P.”

Djetson saluted the star by saying: “The world’s greatest frontman has gone. If there was ever a man who deserved to live to be an elder statesman it was Joe. Just thank God he lived and gave us some of the greatest music ever recorded.

“RIP John Mellor. Joe Strummer will live forever.”

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