The album will feature eleven songs...

JOE STRUMMER’s last studio album is in the “final stages”, and should be finished within the next six weeks.

Strummer died of a heart attack last year. With his final band The Mescaleros, Strummer had been working on a new record in the months preceding his death.

A statement on the band’s website explains that the new album is now taking a final shape.

It reads: “We’re at the finishing stages. Any overdubs that need doing, any backing vocals that need doing, any bits of anything in any of the tracks that need doing to kinda finish it off. That’s the hardest bit, because up until now we were just putting stuff down to see what works. Now we’ve got to decide what works and what doesn’t.”

The finished record should contain eleven songs, which, according to the statement, will be collected from other unheard sessions.

The statement continues: “These will include two Joe did in America, one was for Johnny Cash with Rick Rubens and the other one is with Danny Saber, we haven’t heard that one for a long time.

“We hope to finish it within the next six weeks – mid March. We were quite chuffed when we realised after Christmas that we had enough material. We were a bit unsure really whether we hadn’t done enough. There are 3 or 4 tracks that were really great numbers that Joe never sang on.

The album, currently untitled, will not be performed live by the surviving Mescaleros.

On their final club tour of the UK last year, Strummer had been performing a number of unreleased songs, with working titles including ‘Get Down Moses’, ‘Guitar Slinger Man’, ‘Dakar Meantime’ and ‘Coma Girl’.