Listen to Joe Unknown’s frantic debut single, ‘Ride’

"I don’t understand why British culture isn’t talked about enough"

Joe Unknown has released his debut single, ‘Ride’ – you can listen to it below.

The frantic first offering from the artist presents “vignettes of day-to-day British culture” through fast-paced lyrics such as “shooting kids online passes time, but my girlfriend hates it“.  

Elsewhere, he delivers the line: “I like to participate in life’s little edge, from time to time I take a little ride over the edge.”


“If you live in a mansion, you still know what a cheese-and-bean melt tastes like,” Joe explained in a statement. “Those little things in life apply to everyone. What I’m talking about applies to each side, but doesn’t delve too far into either one.

“I don’t understand why British culture isn’t talked about enough, or why we’re always trying to be something that we’re not. I’m not talking about the shit we don’t have, I’m talking about the shit that is around us.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of poetry in Britain. I could talk to you about Wetherspoons carpets for like an hour. The aesthetic of ‘Spoons is stunning. The one opposite my flat is a hellhole and it’s beautiful.”

According to a press release, Joe Unknown’ left Hampshire to become a drum ‘n’ bass MC before COVID halted his touring plans. His influences include the likes of The Streets, Sleaford Mods, The Damned and Slowthai.


The artist also draws inspiration from the world of film, particularly “the production details of early Tarantino”.