Joey Bada$$ releases fiery new single ‘THE REV3NGE’

The rapper recently confirmed that his third album is "dropping this year for sure"

Joey Bada$$ has kicked off the year with a fiery new single titled ‘THE REV3NGE’, following recent confirmation of a forthcoming third album.

The rapper’s new cut arrived on Friday (January 14), opening with a monologue in which he states “bitch I’m really, really out for blood this time”, before rapping “back and I’m badder than ever before”. Gritty beats and brass samples back Bada$$’ charged bars, culminating in a hyped comeback track from the Brooklyn native.

A cinematic music video also arrived alongside the cut, produced by Brien Justiniano and directed by child. It features dark footage of Bada$$ driving through a city at night, slinging guns and smoking cigarettes, as well as shots of the rapper in a church with cloaked disciples. Check it out below.


It comes just weeks after Bada$$ revealed during an Instagram Live that his third album is “dropping this year for sure”.

“I ain’t gonna say exactly when though cause there’s certain rappers who be on my heels. So imma just — it’s coming though.”

The record will be his first solo work since 2020’s ‘The Light Pack’ EP, and his first album since 2017’s ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$’.

NME awarded ‘The Light Pack’ four stars in a review, saying the release held a “newfound sense of energy and urgency coming from Bada$$”, adding “the songs are tight and his verses are sharp”.

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