John Cale announces new collaboration

Velvet Underground man to produce Ambulance LTD

Ambulance Ltd have confirmed John Cale will be producing their upcoming record.

The Velvet Underground man has been recording in Los Angeles with vocalist Marcus Congleton since September, thus far producing 18 tracks and providing keyboards for the band’s second album.

“There were so many records he produced I really liked. Nico, The Stooges, but it was a long shot.” explained Congleton, noting Cale had produced few outside artists in recent years.

However he agreed to work with Ambulance Ltd based on the strength of the singer’s demos, which Congleton admitted “was huge and really flattering”.

Some tracks expected to appear on the record include ‘Beetles’ (which Cale and Congleton co-wrote from scratch at a preliminary studio try), ‘Paper Doll’ and ‘Lady Fingers’ which Congleton explains flaunts a “Sly Stone or Al Green kind of beat with reggae harmonies and horns.”

Ambulance Ltd, who initially garnered attention for their well-received 2004 debut, LP, have endured notable changes within the past few years.

Following a two-year stint touring with groups including The Killers, Placebo and Franz Ferdinand the band, with exception of Congleton, split.

“They started a new band and didn’t tell me”, explained Congleton. “They tried to hide it, then I saw their MySpace page. Ultimately it’s for the best, as a lot of people were unhappy. However, it’s still Ambulance Ltd because it’s still my group even if the group’s just me.”

Congleton has since initiated the help of musicians for recording but has not yet announced a permanent line-up.

Despite the switch, he promises the band’s general aesthetic will remain the same and a new record should be out in the summer of 2007.