“I can’t thank them enough”: John Cooper Clarke hails Arctic Monkeys for ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ cover

"I love the Arctic Monkeys! I love every album they've come up with so far."

Punk-poet icon John Cooper Clarke has praised Arctic Monkeys, after their cover of ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ introduced the track to a whole new generation of fans.

The track became a firm favourite among Cooper Clarke’s fans upon release in 1982, before experiencing a new lease of life when the Sheffield icons covered the track on 2013’s ‘AM’.

Describing his love of the band, Cooper Clarke told NME: “I love the Arctic Monkeys! I love every album they’ve come up with so far. They’re utterly different from the one that preceded it. It’s a great thing.


“I can’t thank those guys enough for covering that one [I Wanna Be Yours] because it was already one of the great favourites from my repertoire!”

Cooper-Clarke also described how the track’s renewed popularity has allowed it to become a wedding favourite.

He explained: “I meet a lot of people who get married in the summer months, because I stay at hotels and usually work on a Saturday.

“They tell me ‘wow, I just read your poem at our wedding’.

“You can’t buy that kind of love, and I can’t thank the Arctic Monkeys enough for reintroducing the British public to that uncharacteristically romantic number.”


Cooper-Clarke was speaking to NME ahead of his appearance at the first ever Kaleidoscope Festival this Saturday, held in the grounds of London’s Alexandra Palace.

“It used to just be one stage and a hot dog van”, Cooper Clarke said of his early experiences playing festivals.

“Now there’s something for everyone and it’s great. You’ve got an acoustic tent, and maybe even a cinema tent. The chances of two people having exactly the same experience are zero”.

He’s also hard at work on his forthcoming autobiography – but he’s planning to avoid the pitfall of focusing on his childhood.

“Too many memoirs focus on childhoods and it’s a bit turgid”, he said.

“I won’t be doing that, mainly because I can’t fucking remember any of it!”