John Grant despairs at state of the world on surprise new song ‘The Only Baby’

"I feel so much rage"

John Grant has released a new song titled ‘The Only Baby’ – listen below.

The musician, whose last album was 2018’s ‘Love Is Magic‘, said he wrote and recorded the song in summer 2020 but now “seems like a good time” to share it with fans.

He wrote in a statement: “Hello all you Dear Ones, I’ve been so disturbed to see how things are progressing in the U.S. and the world, I wanted to share this song which I wrote and recorded last summer. Seems like a good time. I feel so much rage and yes, hatred towards the gaslighters, the bullies, the narcissists, the sociopaths and psychopaths, the Christian Fascist Right and of course T**** and all those who enable him and continue to do so all in the name of Jesus and/or Hitler.


“I know I have to figure out a way to stay calm and continue to resist the onslaught of lies without being dissolved from the inside out by my own rage and the hatred I feel towards these people who scream at the top of their lungs that we do not hear what we hear or see what we see. Yes, I’ve heard of Yoga, I’ll look into it.”

The US artist has been political before, and addressed exploring it on his latest album – as well as the importance of shifting attitudes towards toxic masculinity – in a 2018 interview with NME.

Grant said that he’s found some people have been offended by the track ‘Smug Cunt’ from ‘Love Is Magic’, but Grant was keen to express how important a song it is to the record.

“It talks about how the cult of masculinity in the United States, as it seems to me, means that to be a successful male you must be feared. Like, the only way to command respect is through fear,” Grant told NME.


“I talk about proteins flying off the shelves, everyone’s at the gym, getting those big muscles. Everyone’s into MMA because it’s a case of ‘I’m going to fuck you up if you don’t get with the programme’. Those panties ain’t goin’ to wet themselves, so you need to go get them muscles, make people fear you, incite fear, lie to people.”

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