John Legend jokes that Donald Trump named federal law operation after him

"I wasn't briefed on #OperationLegend"

John Legend has jokingly suggested that Donald Trump named a recent Presidential operation after him.

On Wednesday (July 22), Legend tweeted: “I wasn’t briefed on #OperationLegend. Dare I look this up or should I carry on thinking the president is starting some sorta stan campaign for me.”

It comes after it was revealed that the president and AG William Barr borrowed the latter part of the ‘All Of Me’ singer’s stage name for the title of a new operation that has seen a surge of federal troops in a handful of American cities.


Operation Legend is a federal law enforcement operation in the US initiated by the Trump administration. Named after LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old child who was shot and killed in Kansas City, Missouri in June 2020, it was implemented as President Trump increased law enforcement and military efforts to control the George Floyd protests.

Agents from various federal agencies were deployed as part of Operation Legend to aid city and county law enforcement officers

“373 homicides in Chicago in 2020 as of early July. Over 4,000 COVID 19 deaths. All of these deaths matter, and every life is precious,” Legend wrote in a follow-up tweet. “But it’s clear Trump has no interest in healing people / saving lives. Just in waging war to look tough for reelection. Usually the Wag the Dog scenario is to go to other countries to start a war when your polls are in the tank. Nope. Trump just wants to wage war on America’s neighborhoods.”

While it seemed that Legend knew the operation wasn’t named after him, it didn’t stop the singer from voicing his anger at Trump and the government for taking the actions it has been.


“In the middle of a once in a century pandemic where the US has far more deaths than any other country and unemployment is sky high, POTUS decides the states are just fine dealing with the pandemic, but need the feds policing black neighborhoods,” he tweeted.

Last week, Legend reflected on racial injustice in the music industry, claiming that it’s “almost impossible” for Black artists to triumph in the top awards category at the Grammys.

Speaking in the July issue of Entertainment Weekly, Legend responded to being asked about Diddy‘s previous claim that Black music doesn’t get full representation at the annual Grammy Awards.

Legend replied: “It’s almost impossible for a Black artist to win Album of the Year. How many years do we have to see Beyoncé snubbed? Kanye [West] has never won. It’s kind of insane… We’ve got to do something, because that’s a terrible record, and Diddy is right to complain about it.”

Meanwhile, Legend has provided a powerful feature on Lecrae’s soul-stirring new track ‘Drown’, taken from the Atlanta-based rapper’s upcoming ninth studio album, ‘Restoration’.

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