Yoko Ono set to unveil John Lennon Imagine Peace Tower

Ceremony to take place on the late Beatle's 67th birthday

Yoko Ono is set to unveil a ‘light tower’ in Iceland on October 9, on what would have been John Lennon‘s 67th birthday.

Ono collaborated with engineers from Iceland and Japan on the Imagine Peace Tower, which she designed to collect “wishes for world peace”.

The tower is a beam of light emanating from a giant wishing well, which features the words ‘imagine peace’ in 24 languages.


It will be lit every year from October 9 (Lennon‘s birthday) to December 8 – the anniversary of his death.

Over half a million wishes from all over the world will be put in a series of capsules and placed on the island surrounding Imagine Peace Tower.

People can continue to send their peace wishes via the Imaginepeace.com site. Messages can also be sent to: Imagine Peace Tower, P.O. Box 1009, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland.

The tower was built in Iceland because “it is a very eco-friendly country that relies on geothermal energy”, said Ono.

She plans to bury every wish in capsules around the tower, so that the open space will turn into a forest.

In a statement she said: “On October 9th I hope that the world will pause for a time and imagine peace. I am unveiling the Peace Tower in memory of John.


“I am thrilled to do it in Iceland, a unique and beautiful country in which 80 per cent of the energy is provided by water, not oil. The air, water and earth are surprisingly pure and clean, as a result.

“I hope that the light from the tower will shine, not just physically on those present at the unveiling, but will be beamed across the world so that the message of peace will be delivered to all people. IMAGINE PEACE!”