Yoko Ono marks John Lennon’s 75th birthday: ‘I’m so proud his music resonates with new generations’

Ringo Starr also pays tribute to the former Beatle

Yoko Ono has marked what would have been the 75th birthday of her husband and late Beatle John Lennon.

Lennon passed away in December 1980 after being shot in New York. Every year, Ono travels to the island of Videy near Reyjkavik, Iceland to light the Imagine Peace Tower, built in Lennon’s honour in 2007. This year will be the ninth consecutive year Ono attends the lighting ceremony.

The Imagine Peace Tower is lit every year on October 9 and darkened on December 8, the day that Lennon was killed.

Ono paid tribute to Lennon in a public message, writing: “Every year so many people celebrate John’s life in different and very special ways. I’m always so proud that John’s legacy just grows and grows and resonates with new generations all around the world. It always chokes me up to see his message still out there. Music helps create a global village and John’s music is very much woven into our lives and will continue to be so forever. He wanted a better planet and together we tried to make it so. The message he was promoting was clear and direct and is as needed today as it was then. All we are saying is give peace a chance! I love you John.”

Earlier this week, Ono attempted to break the world record for the largest human peace sign at Central Park in New York. 2,000 people gathered, while 5,000 attendees were needed to break the record.

Meanwhile, Ringo Starr has also paid tribute to Lennon. He wrote on Twitter: “It is 2 o’clock in the morning in the UK happy birthday John happy birthday to you love to Yoko and Sean peace and love”.