John Lennon’s piano to go on tour

The former Beatle's instrument is on peace mission

John Lennon’s piano is set to tour sites of past violence to promote peace.

Lennon wrote his classic song ’Imagine’ on the upright piano, which is now owned by George Michael.

As previously reported the piano made an appearance on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas where President John F Kennedy was assassinated in November last year, in a peace protest.

The piano is now set to photographed at the US site of Martin Luther King‘s 1968 assassination in Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow (April 4), which will mark the 39th anniversary of the shooting of the civil rights leader.

George Michael said: “The selection of the site evokes a deep sense of emotion for everyone. Capturing the image of this special piano on which a song of peace was composed is part of the heartbeat of this project.”

There are plans for a tour documentary and a photo album in aid of charity, reports BBC News.