John Lennon moves into the digital era

Solo back catalogue available for the first time

John Lennon’s entire solo back catalogue is set to be made available in a digital download format from next month.

Fans of the former Beatles star will be able to download all his hits and classic songs for the first time from various digital music services from December 5.

Speaking about the release Yoko Ono said: “I am very happy that John’s music is now available to a new generation of music fans. New technology is something he always embraced and this is something he would have loved. I always say that he would have been very excited by all the opportunities offered by the development of new means of communication.

“At this time I think it’s important that we remember John for what he contributed to the world. For people who still love John’s music and for those now getting into John’s music, this opens up a whole new world in which they can appreciate John’s music again.”

Lennon fans who can’t wait that long can keep themselves pre-occupied with his definitive greatest hits album ‘Working Class Hero’, which is available to download now.