The National Trust needs someone to look after Mendips...

John Lennon‘s childhood house in LIVERPOOL, where he lived with his AUNT MIMI from the age of five, is in need of a new custodian.

‘Mendips’ on Menlove Avenue is a semi-detached property and was home to the former Beatle during childhood.

Given to the National Trust by John Lennon‘s widow, Yoko Ono, the property has attracted more than 7,000 visitors and has been looked after until now by Matthew Whitfield.

“Emphasis is very much on an ability to help with the living interpretation of the house,” said Simon Osbourne, the National Trust’s properties manager for Liverpool. “

According to BBC News, candidates must have an in-depth knowledge of the Paul McCartney family during the time they owned the house and will also be expected to live in the property from mid-March to October 2004.

The National Trust, which also owns [a][/a]’s former family house in Forthlin Road, runs joint tours with Mendips and aim to reopen both properties to the public on March 27.