Hundreds of Beatles lovers gather in Strawberry Fields...

Fans of the late Beatles [/a] gathered at STRAWBERRY FIELDS in NEW YORK over the weekend to mark the 21st anniversary of his death (December 8).

Hundreds of people came to the city’s Central Park, an event given added poignancy following the recent death of fellow [a]Beatles George Harrison, following a long battle against cancer (November 29).

One fan, Brian O’Malley, told the New York Post newspaper that he thought following George Harrison‘s death, Strawberry Fields should be a place of remembrance for the entire group.


He said: “Even though this is [/a]’s spot, it will always be a [a]Beatles’ hot spot, especially so this year because from now on, we have to include George Harrison in this celebration.”

In related news, a street in the Yugoslavian city of Novi Sad has been named after [/a], despite protests from a small number of local residents. ‘John Lennon Street’ was named by the government as a way of recognising [a]’s achievements. However, a small group of protesters were against the name change, claiming they did not want the area to be associated with a known drug user.