'Lennon Legend' features a host of exclusive features...

A new John Lennon DVD is set for release, compiled by the late legend’s wife YOKO ONO.

‘Lennon Legend’, a companion to the John Lennon compilation of the same name, is set for release on October 27 and features a raft of exclusive features.

The DVD is made up of highlights of John Lennon’s solo career, including an all-new video for ‘Working Class Hero’ featuring footage of the star’s childhood, material from John and Yoko’s legendary ‘Bed In’ and a live version of ‘Imagine’ from John Lennon’s last ever live performance. The DVD also features a set of new animations based on John Lennon’s line-drawings,


Yoko Ono said of the project, which she executive produced: “This is as definitive a collection as it is possible to be. John Lennon‘s life was an amazing one and one that I feel privileged to have been part of. Compiling this DVD has been a very emotional experience: unearthing rare footage, watching it increase in clarity before my eyes, reliving hundreds of memories that were part of our lives and which are now being passed on to a new generation. It is a film made with love and hope – my love for my husband and our hope that peace will prevail in the world. Give peace a chance!”