A new book by Sutcliffe' sister also claims that a Lennon kick during a pub brawl caused injuries that led to the 'lost' Beatle's death...

PAULINE SUTCLIFFE, younger sister of ‘lost’ BEATLE STUART SUTCLIFFE, is reportedly writing a book that claims her brother had an affair with JOHN LENNON, who then kicked him in the head in a drunken brawl causing injuries that lead to SUTCLIFFE’s death.

Lennon and Sutcliffe were best friends in the days before The Beatles made it big. Sutcliffe was no musician, but Lennon liked having his friend around and picked up much of his attitude and fashion sense from him. The 1993 feature film ‘Backbeat’ charted their friendship. Sutcliffe died of a brain haemorrhage in 1961 aged just 21. He had been viciously assaulted in a pub brawl a year before.

Now, the New York Post reports Pauline Sutcliffe is hawking her book around publishers in London and New York. It claims that Lennon either initiated or joined in on the pub assault on his friend after the pair had an argument.


Yoko Ono, Lennon’s widow and keeper of his estate, is said to be furious.