The wife of the former Beatle denies claims that he gave money to the Irish Republican Army...

Yoko Ono, widow of Beatles legend John Lennon is denying reports that he donated money to the IRA.

It was reported at the weekend that the FBI had been given files from the UK secret service the M15 stating that he had donated proceeds from record sales to the paramilitary group during the Seventies.

Renegade former MI5 employee David Shayler also claimed that he had seen files pertaining to the case.


But speaking yesterday on Spanish radio yesterday, Yoko denied it was true.

She said: “My husband did not give money to the IRA. My husband gave money…when it was asked for by people who were in need.’

Lennon had previously spoken in support of the group, however, stating in 1972, just after the Bloody Sunday Massacre in January that year: “If it’s a choice between the IRA and the British Army, I’m with the IRA.”