The former Beatle's piano and car both fail to reach their reserve prices at a London auction...

A piano and limousine owned by BEATLES singer JOHN LENNON have both failed to reach their reserve prices at an auction in LONDON.

Both items of memorabilia were up for auction at the Hard Rock Cafe last night (March 27).

The highest bid for the car, a 1970 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman limousine, was £10,000 short of the £200,000 reserve, while bids for the piano, which Lennon owned in his Dakota Building apartment in New York, fell £250,000 short of the £1 million expected.

Speaking to Reuters, auction specialist Ted Owen, who was involved with the event said: “There is no hint of the bottom falling out of the Beatles memorabilia market… I still think there is a sale to be had and there is a possibility of a deal being done privately tomorrow…

“The piano had a reserve price on it of £1 million and bidding reached £750,000. I’m disappointed about the piano, as we had announced beforehand that all the proceeds were going to a breast cancer charity.”

The car, which was purchased following the spilt of The Beatles, was subsequently owned by George Harrison and Mary Wilson of The Supremes after Lennon moved to New York in 1973.