Mark Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon, may be released on parole...

MARK CHAPMAN, killer of Beatles vocalist John Lennon, may soon be released on parole after serving almost 20 years in a NEW YORK prison.

Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980, by Chapman, who shot him three times in the stomach outside his New York apartment. Local state law specifies that after 20 years behind bars, prisoners come up for parole automatically, and now Chapman is set for his first hearing on October 3.

However, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono is said to be demanding Chapman remains behind bars at the Attica Prison. According to a report in yesterday’s Sunday Times newspaper (October 1), she has written to the parole board at the prison claiming the safety of Lennon‘s two sons Sean and Julian, as well as her own safety, may be at risk if he is released


Her publicist Elliot Mintz is quoted in the story as saying Ono gave a “great deal of time and consideration” to the letter.

In an interview published in the Daily Express last week, Chapman, who is now a Born Again Christian, claims he would use his freedom to spread the word of God. He said: “I could have an impact, a positive impact… I could travel to different places and tell people what happened, and how their answer, as well as mine, is in Jesus.”

He also claimed that even Lennon would be forgiving towards his crime. He said: “I think that he (Lennon) would be liberal, I think he would care. I think he would probably want to see me released.”

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