The late Beatle's unreleased solo song to air in the US...

John Lennon‘s previously unreleased song ‘HELP ME TO HELP MYSELF’ is to be aired as part of a three-hour radio special in the STATES.

The song, which will be included in the ‘Double Fantasy’ compilation being released on October 10, will be aired before its release. The documentary is being aired by US radio syndicate MJI Broadcasting – which has 25,000 radio stations and 15million listeners in America – between October 6 and 9, and ‘Help Me To Help Myself’ will be one of 27 Beatles and Lennon songs played throughout it.

According to [url=]www.rollingstone.com, it will include interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, George Martin, Yoko Ono, plus Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.

In addition, the programme-makers have dug out vintage interviews with Elton John, Mick Jagger and Ozzy Osbourne.